Education for Health, Wealth and Happiness


What We Cover...


 Below is a selection of the many topics we cover during a year long program and some of the topics for GOAL in a day.

There is an order to the lessons but we can adapt and include topics to suit your school's needs or in order to meet curriculum requirements.


Managing a personal bank account

Needs Vs Wants

Emotional intelligence

Getting a job

Career Aspirations

Job responsibility (Each child will be given an individual job to do in the class i.e. bank manager)

Online safety


Loans and Debt

Advertising awareness

Buying a car

Leading a healthy lifestyle

Household bills, water, electric etc.,

Mortgages and buying a house

Electing a class prime minister

Pensions and savings


For a full thirty nine week plan for KS1 and KS2

(with learning objectives) please contact us via email.