Education for Health, Wealth and Happiness




























“I learnt how to spend money properly and save it when you are older.”


"We used the Game Of Actual Life last year in school and found it to be a really enjoyable and valuable learning experience for all the children"


“It helped me with my maths and taught me how to organise and manage my money.”


"I know what is left from my wage at the end should be spent on what I NEED, before the things I WANT!.”


“I was an estate agent and I sold houses for good money. It helped me with money skills.

I think I want to be an estate agent when I’m older.”




The percentage of children that enjoyed our lessons



The percentage of children that think our lessons are important in life

Exciting, Educational, Fun.


The three top words used to describe GOAL



Have you learned any of these things at school before?  


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